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My name is Theo Voorbij. My last name is pronounced as 4BYE, hence my nickname.
I’m an amateur photographer from Soest, The Netherlands. My passion is wildlife, macro and landscape photography. I started in my youth with a Praktica MTL 3 made in the former East Germany. After my school days I worked for three years in the photography department of the former department store Vroom & Dreesmann. Here I bought my first Canon cameras. I started my own business in 1984 and didn't have much time left to photograph. Only on holidays I could mainly indulge in photography. The beautiful (National) Parks of the USA are very inspiring. We are lucky that we could be there many times. Many of my photos were taken during our road trips through many states of the USA. After 40 years, I made the switch to Sony and Olympus mirror-less. As a result, the passion has flourished again with beautiful results. Current techniques in new cameras make it possible to achieve even better results, such as Focus Stacking, Pro-Capture, Eye AF and improved Focus Tracking.

Theo Voorbij

It's not what you look at, it's what you see! Photographer in action!

My passion is mostly wildlife and landscape photography. In the great outdoors, there’s natural beauty above, below and all around you. You just need to know when and where to find that perfect photo opportunity. You could say that the outdoors is my studio!

# of Photos 947
GS Achievements 1085
Guru's Pick 28
GS Points x1000 553

How does this happen Photo Processing

A RAW file contains the original (raw and unprocessed) data as read from the image sensor. A graphics program is needed to create an image of the data and save it in a dedicated file format such as JPEG or TIFF. A RAW file is therefore like the old negative film. In overexposed areas, however, the information has disappeared, so I rather photograph a little too dark than too light. The trick is to get everything out of the RAW file to create the best possible image.

Photo Processing
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